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Mriya International Film Festival 2023

Du 05/07/2023 au 09/07/2023

Mriya International Film Festival was created to popularize Ukrainian culture in Europe, introduce films from different countries, and support humanitarian aid organizations in Ukraine. Finally, we are ready to announce the dates of our next edition✨

This year the festival will take place July 5-9 in the following categories: international and Ukrainian fiction/documentary films, animation, as well as full-length films and clips in the Support UA charity category.

The whole world was turned upside down in February of 2022. Everyone heard about Ukraine. We could not stand aside and decided to offer our help by organizing the Mriya International Film Festival. The purpose of our event is to provide support to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine while popularizing important films and bringing together artists for a common cause. We are collecting fiction films and documentaries to support those who need it most today. Join us and make Ukrainian’s victory closer.

MIFF at Cinéma Vendôme from July 5 to 9 2023




MIFF Program

Animation Shorts : 5/07 - 19:00

5.07 / 19:00


The dog's leash, Nicolas Piret 4'

Time, David Andres Mesa, 8'
Reincarnation mall, Eric Giessmann, Piers Goffart, 5'

Medama, Anna Yamamoto, 9'

Great little giant, Jakub Bożydar Dolny, 8'

Under The Endless Sky, Alexandra Dzhiganskaya, 4'


NO OBVIOUS SIGNS : 5/07 - 20:00

5.07/ 20:00


Alina Gorlova, documentary, 64'


MIFF Ukrainian Documentary

6.07/ 19:00


The Sandman, Roman Prokobchuk, 24'

I am Michelle, Olena Siyatovska, 20'

Metro-Tram, Kateryna Yahodka, 8'

Omen of wonder, Oleksandr Hoisan, 17'

These landscape are so unusual for me, Kateryna Krokha, 2'

The Dovecotes of Kyiv, Mykhailo Volkov, 10'


International Fiction : 7/07 19:00

7.07 / 19:00


Kaïro, Niels Turelier, France, 27'

The melting creatures, Diego Céspedes, France, 16'

Extension, Guy Pearson, United Kingdo, 6'

Fatin the Conqueror, Onur Yagiz, France, 15'

Big Bang, Carlos Segundo, France, 14'

27, Erica Kwok, Germany, 29'


Ukrainian Fiction - 8/07 - 19:00

8.07 / 19:00


Charlie, Charlie, Oleksandr Kosiak, 8'

Rules are needed only in chess, Anton Yarmonik, 13'

Revival of tone, Crystalina, Valeria Fesyuk, 8'

Kharkiv Music Fest Did Happen, Vyacheslav Turyanytsya, 11'

Teatralna Station, Alina Panasenko, 16'

Re-record, Kyrylo Zemlyanyi, 6'

It is quiet here, Olena Podolianko, Novruz Hikmet, 12'


International Documentary - 9/07 - 19:00

9.07 / 19:00


The strait between us, Yun Tien Chu, Belgium, 18'

Marco: A friend from Simonis, Kristijonas Dirsė, Belgium, 10'

Lo-tech reality, Guillermo Garcia Lopez, Spain, 8'

What I will not forget, Inez Kort, Eva Dullaart, Netherlands, 25'

From Moerbeke with love, Laura De Baudringhien, Belgium, 23'

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